the pop ThE e-corn sEason events - updated may 14th - created may 5th

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# [ nET affEcTs special closing web event ] - ce n'est qu'un au revoir : sunday 14 may
experimental nETaffEcTs JAMchat - a revolutionary chat experience

" Pline Bulldozing and Grading sells sand for traction on roads.
Pline also sells high quality gravel.
Pline Bulldozing and Grading also sells fine or smooth stone.
Their hours are 8-5 "

Today, the nET affEcTs Next.route is about to be plined.
Within a few days, you will be able to use it to travel
the next prairies.

Now that it is time for the numerous net.artists who have fertilized the
nET affEcTs fields to take the road again, Peter Luining and
are pleased to invite you to the last chat and JAMchat event of this pop THE
e-corn sEason.

needed: macromedia flash plugin

sunday 14 may 14:00-16:00 Amsterdam/Paris (CET)
sunday 14 may 08:00-10:00 New York USA (EST)

JAMchat URL :
the chat will beamed at kunstvlaai 4, Amsterdam

special thanks to andrew forbes for JAMchat concept
special thanks to for hosting

# IRC connections
SERVER: - PORT: 6667 - channel: #netaffect
You can use one of these two java machines to join #netaffects
the IRC java page (won't work using Netscape© on Macintosh©)
the IRC java page for any browser/platform

# IRC logs
You missed the irc sessions ??
irc logs archives available here :

nETaffEcTs opening vernissage (inauguration 5-5-2000 -- 73 ko)
nETaffEcTs special closing web event (5-14-2000 -- 73 ko)

# Special pop the e-corn season pline-Booster !
will allow you to bet on your e-corn harvesting
expectations (from 1 to 5 e-corn sacks)
in direct connection from our
e-corn sacking evaluation desk
to a large range of press, international art dealers
and money makers special nETaffEcTs list...
plus (an exclusivity : the vanguard french mailing list - palais-tokyo

e-corn map

e-corn fields [Laboratorium] - welcome to nETaffEcTs e-corn event !